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Once a week, children participate in a 2-hour interactive and playful session. Their spirit of inquiry is kindled in a loving atmosphere. They imbibe values of compassion,friendliness, belongingness, integrity and caring for others. It is a unique step to instill Sanskars in children through:

    • Shlokas or dohas
      These bring the deep stories or meanings hidden behind the simple verses.
    • Inspirational stories
      Stories of great men and women, freedom fighters, saints, inculcate the values lived by them.

    • Yoga postures
      To improve the mind body coordination and to strengthen the body various Yoga postures or Asanas are taught.

    • Wonders
      Most basic things in life have such beautiful meanings. Bringing those wonderful explanations and experiences make us wonder. These make such a big difference to our lives.

    • Anecdotes
      Personal life experiences or small-small things shared by teachers provide an insight into life. These also serve to bridge the gap between old and young.

    • Dadi ma ke Nuskhe
      Each family, area has a wealth of simple, useful home remedies. Dadi ma ke Nuskhe brings this wealth to children thereby reducing the dependency on medicines.
    • Games and Activities
      Activities and games make learning easy and fun filled.
  • For uniformity and consistency, SSSK teachers and coordinators follow the curriculum given at the successful completion of the training.

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