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What are Sri Sri Sanskar Kendras (SSSKs)
Art of Living, under the aegis of Ved Vignan Maha Vidya Peeth, has opened Sri Sri Sanskar Kendras for the blossoming of children, inculcating values and traditions for their all-round development. In today’s fast changing environment, SSSKs nurtures children to get back in touch with our value system and develop into better human beings. This is the need of today’s parents and the society.

These SSSKs are run by
committed Volunteers who are trained as SSSK Teachers or Coordinators. They provide a family atmosphere to children. In a loving atmosphere and in playful manner, they share the wealth of experience from their lives along with outlined sessions. For uniformity and consistency, they follow the Manual and conform to the laid processes.
Who can join Sri Sri Sanskar Kendras (SSSKs) and where
Children between the age of 7 and 11 years can join Sri Sri Sanskar Kendras. In groups of 15-25, the children join them in their neighbourhood SSSKs. Volunteers of the Art of Living can join as SSSK teachers and coordinators upon successful completion of training.
Need for Sri Sri Sanskar Kendras
A person is known for the great work he/she does but above all, it is the values and principles that sets him/her apart from others. From time immemorial, India has been known for its rich culture, traditions and heritage. The traditions and values were passed down the generations through elders, especially in a joint family system.

Today we live in nuclear families. Often both parents are working. The children spend a lot of time in front of the TV, and in the absence of any credible alternative, emulate what they see. For a nation to develop, economic growth must be supported by a strong foundation of values. Children and youth need value-based leadership.While schools impart formal education, children imbibe values from family and society. Sri Sri Sanskar Kendras bridge the gap.

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